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The ‘heritageable’ disposif of experiential art practices for social innovation and territory transformation in the popular habitat everyday world

Arts & Humanities Open Access Journal
Liliana Fracasso,Francisco Cabanzo,David Aperador3

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In the contemporary city, the popular habitat is hardly conceived as an expression of cultural heritage, especially in countries as Colombia, since informal qualities and aesthetic expressions which are manifested in them are predominantly perceived in geative terms for it´s characteristic of an informal-irregular urbanism. This article presents some reflections around the research developed in a glocal environment of cultural heritage present in f the ordinary world, called ‘the heritageable’. Through an experiential mapping exercise obtained by the use of an experiential device based on artistic practices. Interaction between creation-researchers and students, Bogota’s local urban and periphery population discover aesthetic, symbolic or significant heritage in its subjective and collective dimension. Mapping information emerging from the process is identified as a potential resourse in popular habitats resistance, social innovation and territory transformation.


aesthetic, symbolic or significant heritage, discourses, institutions, regulations, laws, administrative measures, scientific statements, philosophical and moral propositions