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Experimental investigation of the kinetics properties of the nano crude oil in a vertical line

Fluid Mechanics Research International Journal
Reza Behzadi, Farshad Farahbod

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In this study, experiments are designed to investigate the effects of ultrasonic zinc oxide nanoparticles on the properties of crude oil flow. The rheological and thermal properties of the crude oil containing nanoparticles were investigated in vitro. The nanoparticles were prepared by ultrasonic method in crude oil. Experiments were carried out in a hot tube for plain oil and nanoparticles containing zinc oxide. The effect of temperature changes, addition of nanoparticles and tube length on the values of friction coefficient, velocity, conductivity coefficient, overall heat transfer coefficient, thermal diffusion coefficient and kinematic viscosity were investigated. For nano oil (containing 1wt.% Zinc oxide) Reynolds number decreased to 0.99 initial value, Prandtl number decreased to 0.951 initial value, Peclet number increased to 0.94 initial value.


rheology crude oil, heat properties, ultra-sonic, nano particles, nanotechnology, fossil fuel, peclet number, thermal property