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The benefits of physiotherapy in patients with major depressive disorder (MDD)

International Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Journal
Iasmin Fonseca Bertoldi,Cleidiane Jacomim,1 João Paulo Alves do Couto2

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The major depressive disorder has become more and more severe, and it is the major cause of functional disability of the economically active population. In the area of mental health, most individuals with mental disorders can get benefits from the practice of physical exercise, since under the physiological point of view, They are usually individuals with reduced aerobic capacity and high propensity for metabolic syndrome. The objective of this article was to investigate the positive impacts of physiotherapy on the life of patients with Major Depressive Disorder. The study was characterized by an integrative review of the literature.


depression, physical therapy, exercise, treatment, anxiety treatments, metabolic syndrome, mental disorders, human being, organic repercussions, pathological alterations, depressive disorder, moderate-intensity, light exercises, low-dose exercise