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Food and nutritional security: the biggest epidemic in future

MOJ Toxicology
Vivek Chaudhary,1 Pragati Sahni,2 Ved Kumar Mishra,3 Prashant Ankur Jain,Priyanka Mishra4

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In this paper we discuss about the effect of various factors on food security i.e population, climate change, post harvest losses and their impact on food security. From my point of view if we not sort out the problem of food insecurity in next coming 10 years ,it will converted in epidemic of starvation and you can't think that what is the situation will be create in future because food is directly related to human life and life is impossible without the food. The word "epidemic" is used for failure of food security system in present time and many countries where people are hardly suffering from malnutrition due to poor system of food security and distribution of food .In future it will be a biggest reason for epidemic of starvation. Not only epidemic because it is concluded that after some decades if the problem of food insecurity is not solved in future then this problem initiate the struggle between major countries and then struggle is to be converted into war and may it will be a 3rd world war between countries. We not sure about the what type of impact of food insecurity on our world but it is confirmed that our land resource is minimized day to day due to continue civilization and not only land, water is also important for growing of food so that our world is going on that way where it will be converted into field of war and countries are become enemy to each other and fight for possession on natural resourceful areas.


epidemic, starvation, possession, resource, war, food, accessibility, utilization, stability, population, climate change, economic cooperation