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Prevalence of cesarean section and associated factor among women who give birth in the last one year at Butajira General Hospital, Gurage Zone, SNNPR, Ethiopia, 2019

International Journal of Pregnancy & Child Birth
Solomon Shit,1 Asefa  Shifera,2 Rahima Eyado,2 Hawi Tadesa,2 Aberash  Beyene1

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Background: Caesarean section is an operational procedure whereby the fetus, placenta, and  membrane  after  the  end  of  the  28th  week  is  delivered  through  an  incision  on  the  abdominal and uterine walls. This does not include delivery through an abdominal incision of  a  fetus  lying  free  in  the  abdominal  cavity  following  uterine  rupture  or  in  secondary  abdominal pregnancy.

Objective:  To  assess  the  prevalence  of  cesarean  section  delivery  and  associated  factors  among  women  who  give  birth  one  last  year  in  Butajira  General  Hospital  on  April  1-15,  2019.

Methods:  Institution  based  retrospective  cross-section  study  was  employed  among  250  patient  charts  in  Butajira  General  Hospital  from  April  1-15,  2019.  A  systematic  random  sampling technique was used. A record review was used to collect the data. The data were entered into Epi data version 3.1 and exported to SPSS version 24 for analysis. All variables with  P<0.25  in  the  bivariate  analysis  were  included  in  the  final  model  and  statistical significance was declared at P< 0.05.

Conclusion: Therefore, the overall magnitude of the cesarean section is above the world health  organization’s;  appropriate  indication  must  be  assessed  before  proceeding  to  the  procedure.  Rural  residence,  fetal  weight  greater  than  2500gm  and  previous  history  of  stillbirth  were  independent  predictors  of  cesarean  section.  And  minimizing  stillbirth  by  helping  the  women  to  attend  maternal  and  child  health  clinics  during  her  course  of  pregnancy and the postpartum period that decreases her fear and stress due to bad history.


cesarean section, postpartum mother, Butajira, hysterectomy, placental