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Study of potential fish resources in senayang waters, Lingga district

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One of the problems in the conservation of demersal fish in Senayang waters is that there are still many trawlers, which used the small mesh-sized net that will negatively impact the sustainability of fish resources. This study aims to determine the potential sustainability of fish resources by using the analysis of the catches of fishermen landed at TPI Senayang and information from fishing gear in the area. The study used a survey method through trawlers observation by interviewing trawlers, then analyzed descriptively. The continuous potential was calculated using the Schaeffer method. The trawlers used mesh sizes of 1.5inches on average. Schaeffer's analysis shows that the total production of catches of 854.07tons by operating trawlers as much as 831 times this operation alone actually does not support the potential of sustainable and unsustainable fish resources. Based on the results of an analysis of the number of fishing operations and the total production of fish caught shows that there are many seine fishing operations, it is not accompanied by an increase in the total amount of catch production. The average level of potential utilization of Senayang waters has reached 80.47%, which means that the use of trawlers in Senayang waters no longer supports the conservation of demersal fish. In the management of demersal fish fisheries in Senayang waters, the government must regulate the size of fish that can be caught, namely by limiting the size of the net mesh on trawlers, and in its operation, there must be strict supervision so that this rule is implemented consistently. Besides, to prevent the level of utilization that can interfere with the preservation of fish stocks in the Senayang waters, zoning needs to be made and regulated to set a sustainable catch quota.


Trawler, Catch, Sustainable potential, Schaeffer method, Capture fisheries, Economic value, Demersal fish, Senayang waters, Trawl fishing