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Consciousness, science and spirituality: the broad conceptualization of consciousness through the prism of extending to the new physics

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‘Consciousness’ cannot adequately be conceptualized unless we apply several different prongs. This paper is divided into three sections.
1. A perspective on Consciousness: Improving on the EPIC prongs. Section 1.
2. The 12 prongs of Consciousness: PIERCED MOCKS. Section 2 linked with WH adverbs.
3. The Elusive Mystery Solved: The Gimmel of Consciousness Section 3.
Ultimately, Consciousness can be an important component of understanding not only psychology and medicine but physics and the new discipline of Dimensional Biopsychophysics. We likely cannot understand consciousness without recognizing that there are multiple dimensions.
In this paper, I’ve extended these concepts to more than just the EPIC prongs. Each prong necessarily comes with further inter-related prongs making up a dozen different ways of conceptualizing consciousness and ensuring it is remembered by the new more extensive mnemonic “PIERCED MOCKS.” (Paradigmatic Level; Information —Meaning; Essence; Relative to—From framework of; Cybernetic; Experience—Existence; Dimensions; Medical; Overlapping dimensions; Covert—Overt; Kind of psychological consciousness; and Summation.
In this paper, I propose for the first time, 54 examples of CORD, standing for Consciousness Overlaps through Relative Dimensions (CORD). Essentially CORD applies overlaps across dimensional domains of Space-Time-Consciousness extending to the 9 finite dimensions plus the infinite continuity. There are now 41 States of Consciousness, with 12 Traits, plus 1 mixed condition. Additionally, medically, some conditions are ‘normal’, some ‘pathological’ mainly ‘neurological’, some involve altered consciousness, and some events involve the spiritual or other kinds of extended consciousness, with some not classifiable. ‘Any of these 54 might vary significantly in classification in individual instances.


3S-1t, 4-D, 9-D, brain, consciousness, consciousness overlaps through relative dimensions, content, CORD, covert, crossover, cybernetic, dimensions, dimensional biopsychophysics, direct, domain, empirical, entanglement, epic, essence, extent, external, distinctions, finite, framework of, gimmel, heuristic, higher consciousness, ice, impact, infinite continuity, information, levels, magnitude, meaning, mocks, mystical, nature, neurology, normal, nosology, outside brain, overt, overlap, paradigmatic, pathology, pierced, psychological, qualit, quantized, qubit, r-3S-1t, relative to, space-time-consciousness, spiritual, subjective, targeted, transdimensional, information, meaning, psychology, triadic dimensional vortical paradigm TDVP