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Analysis of the current situation of two wheels tractors in Mexico

Horticulture International Journal
Jaime Cuauhtemoc Negrete

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In Mexico, 34% of the population is dedicated to agricultural tasks with very small land areas, 85% of the farmers do not have more than 5 ha of arable land, among them 90% do not reach 3 ha which indicates the need to use light machinery, an option nowadays is the introduction of two wheels tractor for its low acquisition cost. At present, there are few works on two wheels tractors in Mexico, so this is the main objective of this article, to analyze the situation of the design, manufacture and testing of these agricultural machines in Mexico. From the analysis of the current situation of the two wheeled tractor in Mexico, it is concluded that measures must be taken to start the manufacture of this type of tractors in the country, as it would be the first step to start the manufacture of tractors in Mexico , because both of these simple and other types of tractors are of foreign design and only some two-axis models are assembled in Mexico, it would be beneficial to start at least with these simple machines, as there are national design prototypes, there is also infrastructure for the evaluation and testing, only the decision of entrepreneurs and government support to start manufacturing in the country is missing.


Mexico, two wheels tractor, farm mechanization, agricultural machines, tractor, national agriculture, poverty, food insecurity, low productivity, migration, agricultural machinery, technological progress, rural employment, auxiliary frame, plowing bars, plowing discs, cultivators, sprinklers, stationary pumps, electric power plants, trailers