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Resource assessment of Sakesar limestone as aggregate from salt range Pakistan based on geotechnical properties

International Journal of Hydrology
Ehtisham UL Hassan,1 Abdul Hannan,2 Mehboob UR Rashid,3 Waqas Ahmed,4 Muhammad Jawad Zeb,3 Sajjad Khan,3 Syed Ali Abbas,5 Awais Ahmad3

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The Sakesar limestone of Eocene age from Salt Range has been studied in detailed base on geotechnical properties with emphasis on its aggregate potential. The Sakesar limestone was selected based on its easily availability and access with basic aim focused on economic aggregate source for future if proved as good potential. The rock samples were analyzed based on standards procedures of AASHTO by adopting ASTM standards to prove its potential and recommendation. A total of four potential sites are sampled that are Tobar Valley, Dhak pass, Best Way Cement crushing plant and Pail Padhrar. The results were analyzed for suitability as Sub Base, Base Course, Surface Course and Concrete potential. The study portrays that all sample of Sakesar limestone fall in the permissible limits of ASDTM and classified as suitable aggregate for road construction work, except for Dhak Pass (<125m) which are considered as weak and porous.


limestone, aggregate, assessment, geotechnical, salt range