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Effect of the incorporation of plasma rich of platelets on the spermatozoa physiology of ram semen

Journal of Dairy, Veterinary & Animal Research
Hernández-Corredor L,1,2 León-Restrepo S,1 Bustamante-Cano J,1 Báez-Sandoval G,2 Jaramillo X1

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Plasma rich in platelets (PRP) have been used for healing processes, maxillary oral surgery, plastic surgery, although its use in andrology is null; however, there is no information about its effect on sperm motility and morphology. The aim of this study was to compare the effect PRP in inclusion ram semen in the parameters motility (Mt) and morphometrics (Mp). Semen samples (n=8) were collected by artificial vagina from two rams located in the North of Santander, Colombia (L 7°54′N, L 72°30′W). Obtain the blood sample by venous puncture of the jugular the tubes (Citrated and EDTA) at 3000 g/3 min centrifuged, after separation PRP (rich and poor). After the initial evaluation, Eppendorf tubes of 2mL, 500μL, saline solution, 10μL of fresh semen and 10μL PRP (rich or poor) were placed 5 min after preparation of the samples, (F:fresh, N: saline solution, CPr: citrated platelets rich; CPp: citrated platelets poor; EPr: EDTA platelets rich; EPp EDTA platelets poor). sperm was analyzed per software the Sperm Class Analyser (ISAS, Proiser, Spain) were calculated for Mp and for Mt, parameters were compared between treatments (T) by ANOVA. Significant differences (P<0.001) were found between T for Mp and Mt. According to these results, the sperm head dimensions (SHD) of semen samples with inclusion EPr were bigger and the velocity was higher. An increase in SHD has been previously described due to osmolar adjustment procedures, the same happened with the parameter of Mt and linearity, improving the characteristic up to 6% with respect to fresh semen. it is observed that the PRP improves the Mp and the Mt of the ram spermatozoa, thanks to the growth factors and the components of its dense granules


ovine, CASA, plasma, platelets, EDTA, citrate