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Characteristic features of tribal groups Mongun-Tayginsky district of the republic of Tyva

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Introduction: The article deals with the history of tribal groups Tuvan, their resettlement, as well as the example of Tuvan delivery Salchak, Dongak, Irgit Khertek and discussed the current situation. The purpose of the article is the study of tribal groups Salchak, Irgit, Dongak, Khertek as the tribal composition Mong?n-Taiga kozhuun Republic of Tuva with historical and ethnographic point of view, at the present stage. Location Tuva in the geographical center of the Asian continent left its imprint on her relationship with the inhabitants of neighboring and nearby regions, as well as in the tribal structure. Compared with the central kozhuuns Tuva territory Mongun-Taiga was sparsely populated. The population increased as the migration of peoples from neighboring territories. Important factors movement of some portion of the population of neighboring areas in Taegu-Mongun are the following: 
1. An increase in family relationships and creating marriage; 
2. A severe feudal oppression, arbitrary Mongolian officials, torture and sentence; 
3. Immigration policy Qin authorities-bogdyhana, then zapadnomongolskih feudal lords, who on their own are often resettled certain Tuvan groups in different places; 
4. Natural disasters (crop failures from jute); 
5. The labor market situation in kozhuun.
Population Mongun-Tayginsky District represented by the following tribal groups: the largest in size-Irgit, Salchak, Dongak, Khertek; great in number-Saaya, Khomushku, Oorzhak, Kara-Sal, Kuzhuget, Mongush, Kuular, Ondar; small in number-Kyrgys, Sat, Oyun, Tulush, Count.
Results: Territory Mongun-Tayginsky District was the area of the tide of different population groups. Distance from the neighboring kozhuuns not mean complete isolation. Tuva has been involved in a circle of many historical events that took place in the eastern part of Central Asia. The local population mastered mountain ranges, long knew most accessible passes, used bed many rivers as a route for their movement.
Compared with the central kozhuuns Tuva territory Mongun-Tayginsky District was sparsely populated. The population increased as the migration of peoples from neighboring territories.
Conclusion: Thus, for the first time collected materials on the history and modernity of these tribal groups Mongun-Tayginsky District of the Republic of Tyva how Salchak, Irgit, Dongak and Khertek. Author prepared in the course of the survey table ethnosociological composition tribal groups Mongun-Tayginsky District, which, undoubtedly, is a novelty.


Republic of Tyva, Mongun-Tayginsky district, Salchak, Irgit, Dongak, Khertek, tribal group, the Turko-Mongolian world, Tuva