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High-grade testicular diffuse B lymphoma, a rare localization: a case report and review of the literature

Journal of Cancer Prevention & Current Research
Zakaria Ahmed Youbi,1,2 Sena Yossi,2 Pierre Sesques,2 Hassan Jouhadi1

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Testicular Diffuse lymphoma B with large cells is a rare subgroup of testicular tumors. The invasion may be synchronous or metachronous, unilateral or bilateral. The therapeutic attitude depends imperatively on the stage of the disease and determines the prognosis. We report the different epidemiological, clinical and therapeutic aspects of this type of cancer and a review of the literature through a rare observation of a primary testicular diffuse lymphoma B with non-centro-follicular cells in a patient of 66 years treated with chemotherapy followed by radiotherapy in the testicles. The post-therapeutic results were in favor of complete remission.


diffuse lymphoma b, testicles, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, frequency, recurrences, bilateral, testicular, tumefaction, maxillary, homolateral, cervical, adenopathy, radiotherapy, remission