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Stability of slopes at the agua Dulce tailings dam in Potosí, Bolivia

International Journal of Hydrology
Yenifer Ruth Tuco Huarahuara,1 Yoermes Gonzáles Haramboure2


The Agua Dulce tail dam located in Potosi, Bolivia, belonging to the Santa Lucia Mining Company Ltda., it stores conventional tailings and has been constructed by the Aguas Arriba method. During its operation stage, the geometrical characteristics proposed in its original project were not met; Therefore, for the stability analysis of slopes, different models are proposed according to four parameters: section geometry, drainage condition, load condition and analysis method, through the GeoStudio 2012 program. The obtained results allow to define relations and influence between the variations of the parameters analyzed; agreeing that the closure of the tail dam is feasible under a ratio of the last slope of 1:2.34 to the closing level, guaranteeing the correct functioning of the bottom drains.


slope stability, safety factor, mining, tail dam, tailings