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Ultrasound and CT guided biopsy of suspicious musculoskeletal lesions: diagnostic performance and implications for the management

International Journal of Radiology & Radiation Therapy
Mohamed Kamel Abd Elmageed, Mahmoud Shaker Abd Alwahed, Ashraf Anas Zytoon


Purpose: Image-guided musculoskeletal (MSK) biopsy could afford initial and ultimate judgment and lead choices to the best treatment. Nonsurgical intervention grants less complication rate than surgical intervention. It is rapid, harmless and decisive procedure yields accuracy in diagnosis up to 96%. Ultrasound and computed axial tomography represent the key procedures in performing MSK intervention. Numerous needles and procedures are existing for helping the physician accomplishing this procedure without harm. This study was accepted in order to evaluate ultrasound and computed tomography (CT) guided core needle biopsies (CNB) of musculoskeletal lesions accurateness, and medical worth in the management plan.
Materials and methods: Fifty patients with MSK lesions underwent image guided (Ultrasound or CT guided) CNB for deeply located musculoskeletal pathology. Radiological, Pathological and clinical data were recorded and analysed.
Results: Of fifty CNBs, forty nine (98 %) were adequate to obtain pathological diagnosis while one CNB (2 %) seemed to be inadequate. Of the fifty CNBs, forty eight patients (96%) were correctly diagnosed while two patients (4%) were misdiagnosed and this gives an overall accuracy rate of 96%.
Conclusion: The image guided CNB of MSK lesions signify the decisive and harmless method for gaining a final histopathological decision.


biopsy, core needle, image guided, musculoskeletal, Ultrasonography