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Synthesis and characterization of benzoylatedsulfamoyl carboxylic acids

MOJ Bioorganic & Organic Chemistry
Melford C Egbujor,1 Uchechukwu C Okoro,2 Chikamso M Udeh,1 Erasmus O Anieze,1 Ugochukwu B Amadi,3 Innocencia C Chidebelu,1 Chioma G kenwa Ani1

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The systematic synthesis of new benzoylated sulfamoyl carboxylic acids derivatives is reported. The process involved the mild reaction of benzyl chloride with sulfamoyl carboxylic acids in the presence of sodium hydroxide via benzoylation reaction mechanism. The characterization of the compounds was done using FTIR,1H-NMR, 13C-NMR and elemental analysis.The synthesized compounds were found to agree perfectly with the spectra data confirming the successful synthesis of benzoylated sulfamoyl carboxylic acids. The yields of the compounds were between 60% and 99% while their melting points were in the range 105oC to 113oC. Compounds 2b (3.04g, 98.7%) and 2g (3.04g, 98.5%) gave the highest yields while compound 1a (1.50g, 62.5%) gave the smallest yield. The reaction methodology was found to be efficient thereby resulting to excellent yields of benzoylated sulfamoyl carboxylic acids.


benzoylatiosulphamoyl carboxylic acids, benzyl chloride, synthesis, antimicrobial, tetramethyl silage, FTIR spectra, NMR spectrophotometer