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Addiction-related gene GDNF and interaction network

MOJ Toxicology
Göksun Demirel

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The glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) is a produced protein. GDNF's role in the development of the central nervous systems and the remaining mature dopaminergic neurons is well known. Lately, lots of studies suggest that GDNF plays a key role in the actions of drug addiction. In this article, we used bioinformatic approaches these data and highlight the possibility that the GDNF pathway may be a promising target for the treatment of addiction. Our previous studies have demonstrated that among the putative targets of some miRNAs about the abuse of methamphetamine. According to our previously miRNA results, we showed that one of the important genes is GDNF about the addiction. This study is important to indicate the potential common target genes of addiction-related GDNF gene and help to figure out underlying molecular pathways of addiction in association with those common target genes.


GDNF gene, target genes, drugs of abuse, VTA, miRNAs, bioinformatic, neuroplasticity, dopaminergic and motor neurons,midbrain dopamine (DA) neurons