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Plasma cell mucositis with exclusive involvement of the perianal region

Journal of Dermatology & Cosmetology
Ramirez-Bellver JL,1 Ruiz-Rodriguez R,1 Enguita AB2

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We present the case of a woman who has had perianal ulcers for several years. Since no improvement was achieved with topical treatments, a biopsy was performed, showing a dense lymphoplasmocellular infiltrate. After ruling out other differentials, a diagnosis of plasma cell mucositis was made and intralesional betametasone was attempted, with almost complete resolution of the lesions in a few days and no recurrence in one-year follow-up.


plasma cell mucositis, idiopatic lymphoplasmocellular mucositis-dermatitis, zoon mucositis, anti-treponema antibody, exudation, symmetrcal, immunodeficiency virus