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Biomodeling and numerical analysis of upper limb under the effect of bending loads in forearm

MOJ Applied Bionics and Biomechanics
Hernández  Ramírez A,1 Maya-Anaya D,Urriolagoitia Sosa G,1 Romero-Ángeles B,1 Merchán Cruz EA,2 Rodríguez-Cañizo RG,2 Rodríguez Martínez R,1 Diaz-León C,Urriolagoitia Calderon G1

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The study of biological systems today by the application of numerical simulations allows to obtaining analysis of structural mechanical behavior in components of the entire human body. In this research work it is presented the mechanical behavior of radio and ulna bones from the biomodeling of their tissues and how they react under the effect of bending loads. The biomodel developed consists in two kind of material (bones tissues trabecular and cortical) and contact consideration between bones are taking into consideration. This kind of biological system is very difficult to simulated, because the kind of assembly that it has. Nevertheless, results tend to reproduce the manner the system performs


bone tissue, radius, unla, biomodeling, numerical analysis