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Case on venous sinus thrombosis: the unexpected should be expected!

Journal of Neurology & Stroke
Rafael Ferreira Nascimento, Fabiana Gouveia, João Miguel Freitas, João Patrício Freitas, Rafael Freitas

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1.1.  Introduction:The authors present a venous sinus thrombosis that started in a woman 10 days after labour.

1.2.  Case Report:A 34-year old woman, who had gone into labor 10 days before her admission, presented to the emergency department with paresthesia on the right side of the body and dysarthria which started that day. The neurological exam showed predominant right brachial paresis associated with a diminished sensitivity in the right arm and leg. The CT-Scan revealed a venous thrombosis that reached the straight, superior and transverse sinus, with a greater extension on the right side involving multiple tributary veins. The admission in the cerebral vascular diseases unit was followed by heparin perfusion. Ten days after the onset of the episode the patient was submitted to another CT-Scan that showed resolution of the thrombosis. Goldman campimetry was considered normal. The patient was discharged from the unit and started an etiologic search, which pointed to the pregnancy as the main reason for the event. The echocardiogram and cervical duplex ultrasound were normal. Currently, the patient does not show any sequels and maintains follow-up in the cerebrovascular disease consult.

1.3.  Conclusion:The authors highlight the role of the physician in the diagnosis of a rare entity in a woman, 10 days after labour, without any relevant past medical history.


cerebral venous thrombosis, fibrinogen, paresthesia, computed tomography, heparin, warfarin, thrombosis