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A preliminary evaluation of an integrated aquaculture-agriculture systems (tilapia and peppers) at mesocosm scale  

Journal of Aquaculture & Marine Biology
Luis Rafael Martinez-Cordova,1 Jesus López-Elías,2 Marcel Martinez-Porchas,4 Brando Bringas Burgos,3 Jose Naranjo-Paramo1

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A preliminary assay was conducted to evaluate the feasibility of an integrated aquaculture-agriculture production system. Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) was farmed in plastic tanks (500L), with and without bioflocs incorporated. The effluents were passed to PVC tubes for a hydroponic culture of jalapeño pepper (Capsicum annum). The final effluent was used to a fertigation culture of mini bell pepper (Capsicum annum). The production response of tilapia was little better in tanks with bioflocs. The jalapeño pepper had not a good performance in the hydroponics system. Contrarily, mini bell pepper showed a good performance. We concluded that this aquaculture-agriculture system could be efficient, but some adjustments need to be done.


aquaculture, agriculture, hydroponics, tilapia, peppers, aquaponics, submerged fix, aquaculture effluents, aquaponics system,