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Assessment of new conditions for oil extraction from shark liver pool

Open Access Journal of Science
Pedro César Quero-Jiménez,1,2 Lester Alejandro Arias Felipe,2,4 Darlene Lugo Ramírez,3 Julio Omar Prieto García,3 María Elisa Jorge Rodríguez,4 Jorge de la Torre,3 Osvaldo Norman Montenegro,2 Dulce María González,4 Luis Moya Jiménez,2 Reinaldo Molina Ruíz2

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The objective of the work is to perform the partial chemical characterization of the liver oil pool of shark species Ginglimostoma cirratun, Carcharhinus longimanus, and Carcharhinus falciformis captured in the north central coast of Cuba and extracted at 50° C for 20 min. Parameters are determined such as the acid value, refractive value, relative density, saponification value, content of insoluble impurities in n-hexane, anisidina value, peroxide value and the UV-Vis spectrum, where it is shown that the oil is suitable for consumption provided that the sampling is carried out inside the liver sample. Shown that the oil extracted under these conditions meets the quality parameters required for its use.


Shark liver oil, method of extraction, chemical properties