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Soliton perception in the human biological system

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A soliton is understood as a lone moving wave that propagates with small energy loss of unchanged form. Solitons are located in a physical environment and require its presence as an information medium and therefore cannot propagate in vacuum, which other elementary particles do not require. During transmission solitons do not carry elementary particles, but information itself contained in conformation change, in other words, a change in the aquatic plasma, gas, light environment etc. The human biological system has the ability to induce an electromagnetic field, either through solitons, or during melenin synthesis, which is able to convert a photon into a phonon and vice versa. Induced electromagnetic field causes the emergent of the coherent structures and form a chain of hierarchical levels. So this electromagnetic resource provides the mechanism for the non-locality, complexity, and self-consistency (self-maintaining) of biological organisms and ecosystems.


soliton, spin wave coherent light, bio plasma,geometric, laser light, ferroelectrics