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Bullet in penis: uncommon site, unusual track and unexpected result

Urology & Nephrology Open Access Journal
Manjeet Kumar,1 Kalpesh Mahesh Parmar,Varinder Attri,3 Abhishek Thakur3


Introduction:  Isolated  gunshot  injuries  to  the  penis  are  rare.  Usually,  these  injuries  are  associated with the significant destruction of tissues. We report a case of penile bullet injury with a long track of bullet without causing significant trauma.

Case summary: 45 years male with a history of a gunshot fired from the left side of the hip with a retained bullet in the penis. On evaluation no history of hematuria, no difficulty in walking. On examination, entry wound was found on the left side of buttock with no other injury mark except bruise at the base of the penis. The bullet was seen in the distal part of the penis on X-ray pelvis. No hematuria was seen. Retrograde urethrogram was normal. Pelvic X-ray was normal except a retained bullet was seen in distal part of the penis. The bullet was removed from the penis under local anaesthesia. Postoperative period was uneventful.

Conclusions: Penile lesions from gunshot wounds shall be treated through an immediate surgical intervention, except in cases where there are only superficial injuries.


bullet, penis, dartos, urethra