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Assessment of the components that deliver agricultural extension services, at Gezira state-wad medani great locality, Sudan

MOJ Ecology & Environmental Sciences
Adam Elradi M Ali,1 Mohamed Atta Ali Abdallh,2Mohammed AA Hamad3

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This study was conducted at Wad Medani Great Locality, Sudan- season 2016. The study attempts to assess the components that transferring agricultural extension services to the farmers involving services centers, also to assess the old components through the links between each other’s, type of the link, and information transferring cost. The primary data were collected from a field surveys using a well-structured questionnaire. Secondary data was collected from books and scientific journals. The quota sample technique was used and 322 farmers were selected as the study population.Statistical Package for Social Sciences was used for data analysis focusing on descriptive statistics and correlation analysis. Results indicated that 64% of the respondents have landowner, 70% of their agricultural experience less than 15 years, and 79% Invested in cotton, corn, wheat, and peanuts, and 76%, 68%, 75%, and 71% of the respondents their source of fertilizer, fertilizer information, pesticides, and pesticides information were service centers respectively. 71% of the farmers assess that their links with extension were strong- direct- official, 62% and 92% of the respondents stated the personal method was used for delivering information by extension is its and the service centers respectively. Services centers were quick response partners and extension was the less cost. Results of correlation analysis showed that the link with extension had high significant with the source of seeds (.011) (R=-.142), and highly significant with the source of fertilizer (.000) the value (R=.317), fertilizer information, pesticides, and pesticides information (.000) the value (R=.271). The result of the regression test of the farmers showed a high significant link with the extension (.487 beta). The research recommended information should be transferred to all agricultural partners; Training sessions have to be held to all extension officers and ASCs workers, using more than one approach for conducting the extension process.


Extension, Model, Farmers, Transferring, Sudan, Transfer of technology, Farmer field school, Integrated pest management, Gross domestic products, Commodity-based extension