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Mesenchymal stem cells as potential regenerative treatment for pre-eclampsia: a review  

Journal of Stem Cell Research & Therapeutics
Sarah Tanner, Vincent Gallicchio

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Research in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering has continued to show advancement towards being a potential cure for autoimmune disorders. Specifically, mesenchymal stem cells show great potential in tissue regeneration and repair. Preeclampsia is a systematic endothelial dysfunction disorder that leads to hypertension and proteinuria. This occurs when syncytiotrophoblast are under stress and can’t properly remodel the spiral arteries of the placental bed. Mesenchymal stem cells are being used to reverse the damage already done by pre-eclampsia and restore equilibrium. Current research shows promising outcomes when tested on animals. Experiments are being ran to test all aspects of the disorder from regeneration and reconstruction to genetic foundations.


pre-eclampsia, Mesenchymal Stem Cells, Hypertension, T-Helper Cell 1/T-helper Cell 2 (Th1/Th2), Cytokines