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Quality evaluation of chilled fish (orechromis nilotcus and bagrus bayad) at al-damer fish market-Sudan

Advances in Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine: Open Access
Haram Hassan Abbas Bakhiet1, Walaa Mohamed Eltom Gebre2

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The present study was conducted during the period from (January to March 2019) to evaluate the sensory characteristic and microbiological quality of chilled fish species (Orechromis Nilotcus and Bagrus Bayad) at Al-Damer fish market. In this study fish were classified into four categories depending on the freshness; excellent quality (E), very good grade (A), good grade (B) and undesirable grade (C). Hundred samples were taken randomly from the fish markets in Al-Damer City, (50) samples from each species drown from (6) tons were inspected according to (European scheme), and a total of (20) swabs samples were obtained, (10) samples from each species for microbial analysis results found that there was No significant difference P<0.05 in sensory evaluation between chilled fish species (Orechromis Nilotcus and Bagrus Bayad). As the average skin of fishes at respectively (1.98±0.89 and 1.98±0.91) outer Slime (1.96±0.86 and 2.04±0.83) eyes (1.88±0.75 and 1.84±0.87) gill Color (2.10±0.74 and 2.20±0.83) peritoneum (1.80±0.70 and 2.08±0.92) and gills odour (1.74±0.80 and 1.94±1.04). Also results indicates No significant difference P<0.05 in total bacterial count from the studied spp. the total number of bacterial load for both chilled fish Orechromis Nilotcus and Bagrus Bayad were (4.5×105±0.14×105, 4.1×105±0.09×105)cf/g respectively. Also specific fish pathogens were investigated such as salmonella Spp and vibrio cholera, and had found that salmonella Spp dominated on the sample inversely than vibrio cholera which was absent in all studied samples under investigation. Finally it can be concluded that the investigated chilled fishes in this time had acceptable sensory and microbial quality thus it is safe for human consumption


sensory evaluation, salmonella Spp, vibrio cholera, gills odour, operculum,pathogens