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Vesico-cervical fistulae: case series

MOJ Women's Health
Masha Ben Zvi,1 Matvey Tsivian,2 Menahem Neuman,3 Ami Sidi,2 Alexander Tsivian2


Background: Vesico-cervical fistula (VCF) is an extremely rare complication of cesarean section, and only sporadic cases have been reported.
Objectives: We wanted to analyze the incidence, symptomatology, diagnosis and therapeutic aspects of vesico-cervical fistula.
Methods: In a six years period we treated four women with vesico-cervical fistula, mean age 34 years, all following a cesarean section. Results: Here we present the diagnosis, management and outcome of women with this complication in our institution.
Conclusion: This report should increase awareness of this uncommon complication and aid in prompt and comprehensive evaluation and management.


genito-urinary, vaginal examination, cystography, uterine cervix, anastomosis