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Kinematic and dynamic analysis of a scho?nflies parallel manipulator with horizontal rotation axis

International Robotics & Automation Journal
Pegah Ghaf Ghanbari, Mostafa Taghizadeh, Mahmood Mazare

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This paper addresses the kinematic and dynamic analysis of a 4-DOF parallel manipulator with Schönflies motion, designed for pick-and-place applications. Its low inertia makes it a suitable choice for pick-and-place applications, which demands high velocity and acceleration. So, the dynamic characteristics of the robot are of high importance. Kinematic analysis is performed via geometric method. After extracting the constraint equations, velocity analysis is performed and Jacobian matrices are evaluated. Using the constraint equations and joint limits, reachable workspace is determined applying point-to-point search algorithm and the existing singularities are identified by the inverse and direct Jacobian matrices. For dynamic modeling, Euler-Lagrange formulation and Virtual work principle are applied. To verify the validity of the extracted kinematic and dynamic model, first the mechanism is designed in CATIA and then imported in ADAMS software. Simulation results of the extracted models are compared to ADAMS model.


high-speed parallel robot, schönflies motion generator, kinematics, dynamics, analysis, acceleration, velocity, characteristics, manipulator, mechanism, jacobian, matrices, software, simulation, imported