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An IoT-enabled smart elderly living environment

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With the advancement of smart sensing technologies, embedded systems, open source OS, wireless networks, and IoT gateways, elders will have better quality living environment with self-monitoring health care. The solution we proposed will help monitor aging family members and eliminate the concerns of safety from family members who have a vested interest in their aged loved ones. An open interoperable IoT based platform architecture is a good choice for family members, relatives, and caregivers to remotely monitor elder’s sensation data in real time, such as monitoring elders’ living environmental quality and vital body sign in real time. Our technological platform prototype will involve pulse rate sensor, indoor environmental temperature and humidity sensor, Arduino and Raspberries Pi embedded systems, Firebase from Google, firebase real-time database, and web App. The developed prototype can collect individual sensational data, store and sync data among all registered users in real time. The experiment has been setup to test the IoT based platform with two sets of embedded computers with the biosensors installed at different locations. Multiple users, including local users and remote users, can concurrently receive the sensational data via our developed web in real time. The information received can inform people about the health and living conditions of the elders who live at the home independently. 


IoT, arduino, raspberry pi, data acquisition, biosensors, Google firebase, web application