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Mola with partial live fetus 20 weeks pregnancy case report

International Journal of Family & Community Medicine
Villarreal Peral Claudia,1 Leonardo Olvera Gracida,2 Oswaldo Camarillo Omar Contreras3

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Molar pregnancy with a live fetus after 20 weeks does not usually occur and is maternal and fetal associated with complications, preeclampsia and severe: such as intrauterine growth restriction.  In  the  partial  mole  there  are  focal  placental  changes  and  the  embryo  survives  rarely  until  the  second  trimester.  We  present  a  case  of  a  partial  mole  coexisting  with  a  pregnancy of 20 weeks.


molar pregnancy, mola partial, hydropic degeneration, gravid uterus, uterine fundus, obstetrical pain, bleeding, polycystic kidney disease, encephalocele, spina bifida, microphthalmia, micrognathia