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Bioinfomatic resonance in myths and science

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Now, when we started to make Quantum Computers, it is time to acknowledge that we all have Quantum Computers in our Subconscious, of which we are not consciously aware, and to which not everybody has access. Our Quantum Computers work with the waves of our weak informational nonlinear electromagnetic fields (NEMFs), which we see as auras and call Spirits. The Quantum Computers allow quantum jumps to the past, which allow to see the past, and quantum jumps to the future, which allow to foresee the future, but only people with major frequencies of their NEMFs between 400 and 800 Hz, who are Spiritual and meet some moral criteria, are allowed to have access to the valuable information stored in their Quantum Computers and benefit from it. The article explains the simultaneous identical solution of the same problem by two scientists living on different ends of the planet as two scientists with the same major frequencies of their weak informational NEMFs getting access to their Quantum Computers and coming up with the same solutions. The article also explains the simultaneous appearance of the same legends (myths) at different ends of the planet Earth as access to recorded information of the history of humanity on Earth in the Quantum Computer in the Subconscious, with the purpose of warning the humanity about disastrous or unusual events that would happen again.


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