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Dynamic three-dimensional simulation model of soil interaction estrecha narrow tillage tool using the finite element method

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The most of the soil tillage tool interaction studies realized, both experimental and numeric, has shown the influence of the soil conditions (physical, mechanical and dynamics properties, type of soil), operation’s parameters of the tool (cutting deep, cutting speed, acceleration) and geometry in the amount of cutting forces. This studies were carried out with and small tool sliding to avoid the distortion, which can to cause convergence problems during the simulation. In this study, a three-dynamic (3D) lineal simulation model of soil? narrow tool interaction has been developed by the finite element method (FEM) to analyze the tillage tool movement across of a silt clay soil block (ferralitic). The extended Drucker?Prager elastoplastic constitutive relation model was used to modeling, which was realized using the Solid Works design software, 2014 version and its complement Simulation. For the better connection between surfaces, both soil and tillage tool were used contact elements and Coulomb’s theorem to achieve good soil elements movement on the tool surface. The model predicted the soil movement, soil failures surfaces, stresses’ distribution both soil and tillage tool, as well as the draft forces. The results of the simulation model were compared with models and experimental data of the other authors, and good agreement and trends were obtained.


3D dynamic simulation model, soil?tool interaction, finite elements