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Neurotropic black yeast Exophiala dermatitidis in children’s gut microbiota

Journal of Microbiology & Experimentation
María Andrea Castillo,1 Primavera Alvarado,2 Alexis Fernández,3 Kendy Eduardo Urdaneta,1 Neomar Semprún-Hernández,1 Dilia Martínez-Méndez1,4

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Exophiala is a heterogeneous genus implicated in a variety of illnesses. The aim was to investigate the presence of Exophiala species in the gastrointestinal tract from a pediatric population. Strains from stool samples were isolated and identified by sequencing internal transcribed spacer region. Results showed a prevalence of 13% of Exophiala dermatitidis. This is the first report of E. dermatitidis in the gastrointestinal microbiota from a pediatric population in a Latin-American country. 


molecular diagnosis, gastrointestinal microbiota, fungal infection, neurotropism, phaeohyphomycosis