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Influence of mobile phone to people and protective effect of quantum resonance technology

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Goals  and  objectives  of  the  study: The goal of this paper was to study the influence of mobile phone radiation to people and possible protective effect of the Quantum Resonance Technology mobile application.

Study design: An open, randomized, placebo - controlled trials during two weeks. People was measured initially, randomly divided to two groups and measured after two weeks after listening  to  Quantum  Resonance  app,  Yippi  Wave  3.0  Yippi.  Participants  of  the  control  group listened to classical music twice a day.

Subjects: 40 apparently healthy adults, age 22 – 56 years, 13 men and 27 women, randomly divided into two groups of 20 people. Randomization was based on the random numbers principle. The study protocol was approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) of the Federal State Budget Institution “Saint-Petersburg Scientific-Research Institute for Physical Culture”,  Russia.  All  participants  signed  an  informed  consent  form,  where  a  written  and  oral explanation of the research protocol was provided.

Interventions: Participants  in  control  group  for  two  weeks,  twice  a  day  was  listening  to  classical  music;  participants  in  an  experimental  group  for  two  weeks,  twice  a  day  was  listening to Quantum Resonance Technology apps Yippi Wave 3.0 audio programs via their mobile phone.

Outcome   measures:   Measurement  of  stress  and  energy  coefficients  with  bio-well technology.

Results: The results of this study show that people react differently to the radiation from the mobile phone: for some people, turning the phone on in ringing mode does not cause any reaction, while for others it increases the level of stress. After using Quantum Resonance Technology  apps  Yippi  Wave  3.0  via  the  mobile  phone  for  two  weeks  all  participants  of  the experimental group did not respond to the radiation of the mobile phone, while for the participants of the control group reactions was the same.

Conclusions: Quantum  Resonance  Technology  apps  Yippi  Wave  3.0  applications  have  energized and protective effects on humans. This study should be considered a pilot study and the results are preliminary.


phone radiation, psychophysiology, electrophotonic imaging, bio-well