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HIV/AIDS treatment, therapeutic strategy breakthroughs

Hospice & Palliative Medicine International Journal
Da-Yong Lu,1 Hong-Ying Wu,2 Ting-Ren Lu2

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HIV/AIDS is currently an incurable viral infectious disease characterized with life-long drug utility. To overcome this therapeutic setback, fatal pathological processes and different therapeutic mechanisms must be explored in broader-range and greater dimension. In this Article, the major types of global HIV/AIDS therapeutic strategies (pharmaceutical modification, herbal medicine, novel drug targets, drug combination modality, animal models, palliative medicine, immune-stimulate for HIV latency as well as HIV clearance by biological-based therapy) are especially highlighted. After novel pathologic identifications and therapeutic evolution, HIV/AIDS therapeutic curability will be translated from animal model unto larger human population. In this biomedical scenario, major breakthroughs are looked forward.


HIV infection, HIV vaccination, virus latency, human genome, herbal medicine, human immunity, drug target, patients, features, spectra, therapeutic, disease, integration, pathological