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Nanoneurology - Drug Delivery across the Brain Protective Barriers

Journal of Nanomedicine Research
Alain L Fymat*
International Institute of Medicine and Science, USA


Neurology is that branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the nervous (central, peripheral) system and all effector tissues. This article is concerned with those neurological brain disorders that are difficult to treat because of the brain protective barriers. Such diseases may require the delivery of drugs across the brain protective barriers. This topic is of high interest because of the growing aging population and the consequent relative prevalence of neurological disorders, and brain cancer and inflammation.


Peptide database, Inflammation, Disease, Ventricular surfaces, Tumors, Alzheimer, Central nervous system, P-Glycoprotein, Epilepsy, Bradykinin, Doxoribucin, Casomorphin, Encephalitis, Dementia