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Cultivation of Microalgae Euglena Gracilis: Mixotrophic Growth in Photobioreactor

MOJ Food Processing & Technology
Tonci Rezic, Department of Biochemical Engineering, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Božidar Šantek, Department of Biochemical Engineering, University of Zagreb, Croatia


Microalgae Euglena gracilis was used for lipid production. Photo-mixotrophic cultivation was done in self-constructed photobioreactor. During cultivation carbon source, stirrer speed, aeration rate and light source were changed to provide suitable cultivation condition for algae biomass and lipid production. It was find out that the changing from heterotrophic to autotrophic condition increase lipid production. Stirrer speed and aeration rate has a more pronounced effect on the biomass production. Due to the optimization of cultivation conditions, lipid production was increased from 0.4 % to 30 % of biomass dry weight in a single bioreactor. During autotrophic cultivation CO2 increase lipid production in the E. gracilis cells but it has negative impact on the biomass production.


Photo-mixotrophic cultivation, Euglena Gracilis, Lipid production, Cultivation conditions, Photobioreactor, Oopen raceway, Operational costs, Microalgae, Vitamins, Antioxidants, Greenhouse effect, Optimization, Erlenmeyer flasks, Photomixotrophic, Autotrophic growth, Centrifugation