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Bridging the bone gap: a prospective study protocol on osteoporosis risk in Portuguese patients with spinal cord injury

Endocrinology & Metabolism International Journal
Xénia Verraest, António Paiva, Carolina Paiva, Filipe Ermida, Filipe Carvalho, Paulo Margalho<br>

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Spinal Cord Injury is associated with a decrease in bone mineral density and consequently an increased risk of fragility fractures. This prospective study protocol, aims to investigate the risk factors and prevalence of osteoporosis in a Portuguese population of spinal cord injured patients. By analyzing a range of variables, including not only personal and family history, lifestyle factors, and injury severity, but also bone mineral density and biochemical markers of bone resorption, the research seeks to enhance our understanding of osteoporosis in spinal cord injury patients and improve preventive measures. The effectiveness of pharmacological interventions is greater when started soon after the injury, therefore, prompt diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis are essential to prevent the complications associated with this condition, particularly osteoporotic fractures.


bone, spinal cord, fractures