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Industries and crafts in Baghdad during the second Abbasid era 232-861 AD / 334 AH-946 AD

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This study aims to address an important cultural heritage, which is the industrial and craft achievements in the city of Baghdad, who are the people of industries, crafts, and artisans who lived during the Second Abbasid Era (334-447 AH/945-1055 AD). Because this group played a role in political, economic and social stability at the same time.

The study dealt with the issue of the regulations in place among craftsmen and craftsmen within sects that followed a specific professional hierarchy and binding rules for people of one craft. The study also addressed the economic and social role of craftsmen and the extent of its impact on political stability in the city of Baghdad.

In summary; In the second Abbasid era, Iraq witnessed a development in industries and crafts, as several factors helped in its activity, including the availability of various raw materials, as well as commercial activity that provided the industry with raw materials, so multiple industries were established that included various cities, each of which specialized in A specific quality that you are famous for, each This helped the industry flourish at the internal and external levels, such that the Iraqi product reached different regions of the world.


industries, crafts, Baghdad, the second Abbasid