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Humero-radio-ulnar synostosis: a case report with brief literature search 

MOJ Orthopedics & Rheumatology
<span style="font-family: &quot;Times New Roman&quot;, serif;">M Sharique,<sup style="">1</sup><span style="font-weight: normal;">&nbsp;Nusra Rahman,</span><sup style="">2</sup><span style="font-weight: normal;">&nbsp;Abdul Qayyum Khan,</span><sup style="">1</sup><span style="font-weight: normal;">&nbsp;Yasir Salam Siddiqui,</span><sup style="">1</sup><span style="font-weight: normal;">&nbsp;Mazhar Abbas,</span><sup style="">1</sup><span style="font-weight: normal;">&nbsp;Julfiqar</span><sup style="">1</sup></span>

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Congenital humero-radio-ulnar synostosis is an extremely rare condition. So far approximately 30 cases of congenital humero-radio-ulnar synostosis have been reported worldwide. To the best of our knowledge, no such type of case has been reported in India as well as Asia. The case presented here is of a 7 month old male baby, born with right sided humero-radio-ulnar synostosis with no other musculoskeletal defect.In the right upper extremity the congenital defect was due to failure of cavitation during embryologic development. We believe that the case presented here deserves reporting not only because or rarity of the disease but also due to its uniqueness. There was neither any associated hypoplasia of upper extremity nor there was any familial or syndromic association. An attempt is also made to do brief literature search.


congenital, humero-radio-ulnar synostosis, hypoplasia, familial