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The national public health institute: long missed agenda

MOJ Public Health
Majani Edward,1 Iris Kisoka2


The establishment of the National Public Health Institute (NPHI) marks a pivotal moment in our nation’s commitment to bolstering public health. This commentary explores the imperative need for the NPHI as a response to the complex challenges facing our healthcare system. It emphasizes the institute’s potential to address fragmented services, enhance data-driven decision-making and fortify our capacity to respond effectively to health crises. Furthermore, the abstract underscores the indispensable role of public support and advocacy in ensuring the NPHI’s success, calling for a united front among citizens, healthcare professionals and advocacy groups. The NPHI is not merely a government initiative; it is a collective endeavor toward comprehensive and universal healthcare coverage. In conclusion, the commentary asserts that the NPHI represents a long-missing agenda, a cornerstone for a healthier, more resilient future and encourages unwavering commitment from all stakeholders to realize this transformative vision for our nation’s well-being.


public health, healthcare, advocacy, national