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The ring-an optimized spaceship for the 21st century


With NASA’s anticipated return to the Moon and ambitious lunar plans by major spacefaring nations, a new era of space development is on the horizon. This marks a significant progression from the pioneering activities initiated with Sputnik in 1957. The Moon, followed by Mars and selected asteroids, will serve as the new frontier for human civilization, facilitating the transformation into a multiplanetary society. The exploration and development of these celestial bodies will necessitate the creation of new equipment, spaceships, and vehicles that are not only efficient but also cost effective, enabling rapid progress in our expansion into space. In this context, the Ring a proposed vehicle consisting of a lander and a container emerges as a potential solution to meet these evolving requirements. This article outlines the concept of the Ring and its potential role as an ideal solution for a cruiser feeder space transportation system, addressing the needs of future space exploration endeavors.


space transportation system, space exploration, spaceship