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Elimination of paralogisms of thermodinamics


A number of specific examples show that replacing the energy carrier of the thermal form of motion with entropy as a heat transfer coordinate leads to a number of paralogisms, the number of which increases as the scope of application of thermodynamics expands. The epistemological roots of these paralogisms are revealed and a more general measure of the amount of chaotic motion, called a thermal impulse for brevity, is proposed. It is shown how its use instead of entropy eliminates all paralogisms known and discovered by the author, including the prediction of the thermal death of the Universe and the degradation of biological systems. It is concluded that replacing entropy with a thermal impulse opens the way to expanding the capabilities of the thermodynamic method in the study of nonequilibrium systems and non-static processes, to the synthesis of thermodynamics with other fundamental disciplines and to a deeper understanding of the world order.


energy and entropy, heat transfer and work, dissipation and irreversibility, biological and cosmological evolution, paradoxes and paralogisms