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Beliefs, attitudes and intentions towards environmental issues: The role of self-compassion and wellbeing

Journal of Psychology & Clinical Psychiatry
Emma Elliott, Tony Cassidy 


The aim of this study was to explore the role of self-compassion and wellbeing in relation to global warming as a core environmental issue. A total of 490 emerging adults, (221 male and 269 female) aged from 18-22 (M=19.06, Sd=1.36), took part in an online survey measuring attitudes, beliefs, and intentions regarding global warming, self-compassion and wellbeing. Results showed those with more positive beliefs, attitudes and intentions towards the environment scored higher on self-compassion and wellbeing. It is suggested that selfcompassion and wellbeing are linked to positive attitudes, beliefs and intentions towards the environment in a relationship of reciprocal causality. In conclusion this research suggests that this relationship could be exploited as part of changing environmental behaviour.


self-compassion, wellbeing, global warming, attitudes, beliefs, intentions