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Youth-friendly health services utilization and associated factors among youths in Dinsho district, southeast Ethiopia

MOJ Public Health
Beza Belo Tamiru,1 Melese Tadesse Aredo,2 Dida Batu,2 Gebi Agero Genemo,2 Dejene Seyoum Gebre,2 Abdurehman Kelu Tololu2


Introduction: Ethiopia stands out among countries in sub-Saharan Africa for its limited use of youth-friendly health services and the prevalence of significant sexual and reproductive health challenges, accompanied by high rates of maternal, infant, and child mortality.
Objectives: This study aimed to evaluate the utilization of youth-friendly health services and the influencing factors among young individuals in Dinsho District, Southeast Ethiopia, in 2019.
Methods: A community-based cross-sectional study was conducted in Dinsho District between September 25 and October 15, 2019. The district was divided into three strata: urban, partially urban, and rural kebeles. We employed a systematic random sampling method to select household units, with study participants chosen randomly. Data entry was performed using Epi-Info version 7 and subsequently analyzed using SPSS version 21. Bivariate and multivariate analyses were carried out using logistic regression, with statistical significance set at a p-value below 0.05.
Results: Of the 377 youths selected, 373 (a response rate of 98.94%) participated in the study. Among these participants, 98 individuals (26.27%) accessed at least one of the services. Utilization of youth-friendly health services was significantly and positively linked to gender, particularly being female (AOR = 10.145; 95% CI: 3.133 – 32.857), and a family income equal to or greater than 116.94 (AOR = 12.438; 95% CI: 3.568 - 43.363). Conversely, living with friends (AOR = 0.034; 95% CI: 0.006 – 0.197), limited access to health facilities (AOR = 0.004; 95% CI: 0.001 – 0.021), and the absence of a romantic partner (AOR = 0.001; 95% CI: 0.000033 – 0.022) were negatively associated with the utilization of youth-friendly health services.
Conclusion & Recommendation: The utilization of youth-friendly health services by young individuals in Dinsho District was notably low. Enhanced efforts are required from primary healthcare units to raise awareness among youths regarding these services,
effectively increasing their utilization.


youth-friendly health services, Dinsho district, southeast Ethiopia