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Brain’s classicality conception of the universe


The article discusses the challenges posed by the revelations in physics, particularly in the realm of quantum mechanics, and the questions they raise about our perception of the world reality. It highlights the incongruity between the diffusive, indefinite nature of the quantum reality at the foundation of existence and our experience of a single classical reality. The need for a universal transition or reduction from quantum to classical reality is emphasized, with the mention of challenges related to observer interference and the complications introduced by the objective collapse theories. The interpretation difficulty of quantum-tophysical reduction, along with the reliance on ad hoc collapse theories, is acknowledged. The work introduces the theory of decoherence as a valuable tool for interpreting quantum states during measurement collapses. It proposes a novel approach using the concept of decoherence in the context of universal wave function density matrices. The focus is on entanglement between three major quantum subsystems: mass particles, massless particles, and the human body-nervous system. This entanglement forms a “Von Neumann chain” of correlated systems, where ignoring one system renders the other two entangled in mixed states. The proposed scheme suggests that, through statistical selection based on survival patterns of the brain, one alternative state is chosen, influencing the state of the massless (environment) subsystem. The entanglement between the two systems results in the classical appearance of the chosen alternative in the stream of consciousness. Importantly, this approach removes the role of the autonomous mind (consciousness) from the process while addressing some of the earlier mentioned requirements. In conclusion, the scheme affirms that the universe, despite our conception, remains fundamentally quantum and has never transitioned to classicality. It posits that the universe evolves according to the deterministic dictates of a presumptive relativistic universal wave function.


nervous system, consciousness