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Press Release

MedCrave Online promotes the various Scientific Videos it has published on the MedCrave YouTube channel. Articles published by MedCrave have appeared in Science Daily and News Wise, and its press releases have reached an ever-expanding audience of scientists hungry for the latest breakthroughs and disruptive medical technologies. In fact, MedCrave Media Partners has issued so many press releases that we have recently started a monthly magazine to help researchers, medical writers and other consumers keep up with the constant flow of Scientific breakthroughs.

MedCrave provides weekly updates to all of our subscribing editors and authors. The group releases special issues for leading Journals that feature ongoing conversations about various topics. The international publishing experts also bring awareness to researchers by displaying banners on Scientific days.

Communication between authors and publishers is essential for high quality products. To facilitate effective communication, MedCrave maintains and regularly updates a blog.

MedCrave Publishing Group is an Open Access Publisher dedicated to continuing the advancement of Science and Scientific Study, so we have provided scholarships and financial support to several students. We plan to expand our scholarship and financial support programs as the need for educated and qualified scientists grows.