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Why Choose MedCrave

Medical Journals are regular Publications that communicate new research to Practitioners, Medical Students, and Other workers in the Healthcare industry.

The Royal Society in England Published one of the first two scientific Journals in the world in 1665, titled "Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society." The other Journal, "Journal des Scavants", which means "Journal of Scholars," appeared in France the same year. These two scholarly Journals inspired the Publication of thousands of printed Scientific Periodicals. These Scientific Journals are also the predecessors to the newest generation of Medical Journals, such as Online Journals, Open Access Journals, Open Access Publisher Material, and Open Access Materials including Open Access Articles.

The original purpose of Journals was to create a way for Scholarly Publishers to communicate with one another. Today's Science Journals permit Medical Professionals to communicate with the world at large.

Online Journals make information easy to find, which encourages the dissemination of this information to a wider audience. Open Access Journals make this information available without any Financial, Legal, or Technical barriers other than gaining access to the internet itself. Online Journals continue to change and improve how researchers and consumers communicate.

Publishing an article in an Open Access means that, because more people have access to the content, more people are likely to see it. In fact, research shows that the number of downloads of Open Access articles were 89 percent higher, PDF downloads were 42 percent higher, and unique visitors were 23 percent higher than were those for subscription-access articles. More downloads equals better visibility for authors, of course, and optimal dissemination of information to readers.

Because of the stringent Peer-Review process, today's Open Access Journals have all the prestige and recognition of print Journals. These online Journals bring research results to Publication much faster, even with the thorough editing and Peer-Review process.