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eBooks are electronic books, published in digital forms consisting of articles containing text, images, or both. An eBooks publisher makes this content readable on computers, tablets, smart phones, e-reader devices or other electronic devices.

Bob Brown was the first to come up with the idea of the “readies,” which would allow readers to view a book on a screen, after seeing his first “talkie” movie with sound in the 1930s. Historians have not agreed on the inventor of the electronic book as several people typed documents into various electronic devices over the years. Many historians say Michael S. Hart created the first eBook in 1971 when he typed the U.S. Declaration of Independence into a University of Illinois computer in plain text with the intent of making it easy to download and view on devices of the day.

A trend towards digital publishing began in the 2000s, as consumers learned to browse and buy traditional printed books and eBooks on the internet. At the start of 2012, net revenues from eBooks surpassed hardcover books – a clear indication that consumers enjoy all the benefits eBooks have to offer.

eBooks Potentially Unlimited Knowledge and Convenience

eBooks have several advantages over traditional print, including lower prices, increased purchasing and reading comfort, and a larger selection of titles. Readers can also search electronic medical books, engineering books and science books for keywords. 

eBooks can be fiction or non-fiction. A large number of eBooks now focus on research in science, medicine, and engineering. Because they are in electronic form rather than on paper, eBooks are substantially more capable of storing a nearly infinite amount of information.

The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) assigns unique numbers and corresponding bar codes to commercial publications, including electronic publications formats such as ‘.lit’, ‘.pdf’, ‘.html’, ‘.pdb’ and more. Each eBook contains information about the author, art, editor, illustrator, publisher and article. eBooks are available in any genre, any length, and a number of formats.

Benefits of MedCrave Group eBooks

MedCrave Group eBooks is like an eBook store for consumers looking for important, relevant, peer-reviewed scientific, medical or engineering articles.

MedCrave eBooks helps readers access, view, gather, and download articles and information pertaining to their research. MedCrave online provides relevant research results, articles, quality images, and .pdfs in accessible and easy-to-download formats. MedCrave online books also provide ISBN and barcodes to provide easy access to printed books. Quality cover images give MedCrave Group eBooks articles and publications a polished, attractive appearance. Peer-reviewed information ensures accuracy and relevance to a number of scientific fields.