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Scientific research on natural heavy metal chelators: testing what works

International Journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine
Georgiou Georgiou
Da Vinci BioSciences Research Centre


Introduction: There are a number of reports in the literature that discuss the heavy metal chelation properties of various natural substances1–7 Many of these have never been tested systematically using the “gold standard” methodology of the double–blind, placebo controlled trial.

Our research group were commissioned by a Russian metal foundry to examine the chelating effects of these natural substances, and attempt to identify a natural compound that would be effective at chelating a number of toxic metals from Russian metal foundry workers.

Design, methods and analysis: This was a randomised, double–blind, placebo controlled trial with 350 metal foundry workers using a number of natural substances purported in the literature to chelate heavy metals. Adult males aged 18–60years old were randomly allocated to various groups taking a number of natural substances to determine their chelating potential for heavy metals. Each of these groups consisted of a control as well as an experimental group. ICP–MS pre– and post– analysis of urine, blood and hair samples was carried out over a 3–year period.

Discussion: This trial was designed to find the best natural compound that can be safely used for chelating men working in environments that are toxic with heavy metals. If successful, this researched natural compound may play a significant role in the treatment, prevention and general well–being of people working in toxic environments such as metal foundries and other industries with toxic by–products in the environment.


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